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Обновление - Патч
Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves
You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids.
Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now.
Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage
Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage
Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow
Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game
Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun
Removed ability to block with a pike
Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight
Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased
Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles
Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are excluded from "Inspect Object" ability
Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill.
Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools
Implemented GM log in Database. May be handy for admins to monitor GMs activity
Implemented /JT GM command that allows a GM to jump on certain parts of any terrain. Also implemented /invul command, that grants invulnerability to a GM
Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement.
Adding support of Czech and Korean languages.

Bug fixes:
Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically
Fixed rare crashes on tooltips
Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable
Fixed GM camera jittering while flying in it
Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses
Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time
Fixed emotes sounds

Крафт рождественских предметов.
Новый ГМ халат.
"Факел" без нафты, понижен осадный урон, и "Осадный факел"...
Сниженый шанс нанести дикими животными ран.
Убрана возможность блокировать с пикой.

Журнал ГМ в БД, мониторинг ГМ-ов админом.
Команда /JT GM которая позволяет GM прыгать на определенных участках любой местности.

Пофиксено зависание лошадей.

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