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Life is Feudal BETA Patch Notes
Hey everyone,

We’ve introduced some major physics refactoring, which has removed the “pit of death” collision issues. This has allowed us to re-enable falling damage for greater immersion and realism. Please do be careful now if jumping from your house roof or while slamming at high speed into each other. 
As for tree growth speed, it is intended to be slow for enhanced realism. As a result, we have implemented a new server setting that allows you to tweak this if the default setting is a little too painful.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Falling damage has been re-enabled. Take care jumping now!
  • Added a barefoot effect. You need to wear any type of boots in order to reach fully intended character speed
  • Added a server setting that can alter the speed of tree growth. It is intended that trees now grow slower. Also, server admins are not required to manually run scripts to remove trees stumps from the gameworld
  • Melee attacks with insufficient skill are 25% slower now (instead of 50%)
  • Crops, trees and livestock growth now strictly depends on weather, which in turn depends on the season
  • Added a bunch of new ingredients and items for armor crafting abilities: "Make Armor" and "Leatherworking"
  • Buffed passive defense to a maximum of 70% if block is active and a maximum of 50% if the shield is in hand but block is not active 
  • Fixed Shield block animation 
  • The speed that you raise your shield is now dependent on shield weight
  • Crossbows should work more adequately now (reload, shooting, aiming). Crossbow bolts can now be equipped in lower slots.
  • Tweaked throwing weaponry projectile speeds to result in more realistic trajectories
  • New training field model added and tweaked recipes for it
  • Reworked alchemy herbs so they are now easier to spot and target in grass
  • Critical equipment weight is now dependent on Constitution
  • Critical equipped weapon weight is now dependent on Strength
  • Changed parry mechanics. Parrying has a limited duration and stagger chance depending on a weapon’s weight now.
  • Added the ability to fight with a spear and shield (Both appropriate skills are required)
  • Added regions and the ability to craft with regional resources has been introduced
  • Veteran and Royal armors are now crafted with blueprints, you can acquire these blueprints by crafting regular armor
  • Inventory no longer has magical healing properties for horses
  • Some weapons now have a chance to stun or knockout an enemy
  • Stun resistance is now dependent on Willpower
  • Each point of Intelligence now gives 2 skill points
  • The quality of metal items is now dependent on metal type. The highest quality weapon is now possible only using Vostaskus steel.
  • Changes made to some building and item recipes
  • Sleeper’s moon night has been removed. Maybe we’ll see it again …someday

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed multiple collision related exploits, where players were able to squeeze themselves through closed doors and gates
  • Multiple chat window related fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed incorrect wild animal AI calculations that have caused excessive lag on servers
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect weight calculation when moving containers inside your inventory
  • Fixed a rare network related crash
  • Implemented new webkit support. We expect that ingame tutorials should work properly and be faster and more stable. 
  • “Pour on ground” ability will only work in a hostile claim area during Judgement Hour
  • Client runs more smoothly when launching and added a splash screen while the client is loading

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