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Update for Eng players
Welcome to!

[Image: 2bae62953528c9b32cf7080d8e163f42.jpg]

Quote:If you want to join one of our servers, you need:

1. In order to make the game in sync with the steam upgrade to the latest version;
2. Download the updater program;
3. Move the updater to the root folder with the game;
"...\Steam\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Your Own"
4. Start the update program and agree to the request to obtain root privileges if necessary;
5. Click Update, and wait;
6. After the download is complete, click the exit;
7. Start yo_cm_client.exe
8. In the main menu, press Alt + Z, to connect to the x20 server.
In the main menu, press Alt + X to connect to the server x1.
Press Alt + C from the main menu to connect to the x5 server.

This patch makes the client sync with our game server settings.

[Image: SatEVvW1.png]

P.S. im sorry for my english  Wink

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