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Game server rules
1.1. The Admins are always right.

1.2. Any provocative activities aimed at suppressing the development of the resource - is prohibited.

1.3.Server rules can be added / changed / deleted at any time.

1.4. Not knowing the rules does not exclude you from punishment.

1.5. Providing false "evidence" is punishable.

1.6. In case of violation of any rules, one player from the group will incur punishment for the entire group. Follow the legitimacy of your comrades actions!

On the server PROHIBITED:

2.0 Use of other steam accounts to circumvent the ban - ban all accounts.

2.1. Incitement of ethnic hatred, religious and racial discrimination

2.2. Insults or obscenities against any other players.

2.3. The use of any cheats/bugs/dupes/scripts/shortcomings of the game, giving an advantage over other players. Prohibited attacks through impassable objects (walls, fences, not to sweep from the bow windows, etc.). Exception : shooting from the walls of the towers.

2.4. Using objects that have the ability to change the height (wardrobes, wooden crates, racks for bottles, platforms, etc.) To overcome obstacles (fences, houses, etc.), Established not by the laws of physics (eg, wooden boxes, installed one by one, with a gap or boxes on the ground slope without platform under them).
Be sure to do a screen of "construction" with which you overcome the obstacle. Prohibited "construction" disassembly by attackers after they use it.
To overcome the walls use only the following items:
  • To overcome the walls from architectural section use only wardrobes, wooden crates, racks for bottles, platforms.
  • To overcome the walls from masonry section use only wooden crates, racks for bottles, platform.
  • To overcome the walls from construction section use only  wooden boxes, platforms.
Overcoming obstacles in other ways, not listed above is prohibited

2.5. Relogin or stack if it was used to overcome obstacles, as well as pre-out of the game in another settlement aimed at the sudden appearance within it (except client crash and an immediate login back).

2.6. Killing players signed [Newbie], if they do not conduct aggressive actions (causing damage to the attacker, a physical barrier passage somewhere using his character, limiting the attacker's actions ) and they are on their knees with their hands up ( skill "surrender" button 6 ).

2.7. Damage to the property of another player on the territory of his settlement : tree-cutting, stripping of moving objects, the construction of their static structures. "The territory of the settlement" - enclosed buildings or territory with buildings claimed to the player. Aliens objects that stand in the street, except for carts, may be used exclusively for the escape from the territory of another settlement in the absence of other ways to escape. Move other objects, standing inside buildings, as well as carts inside and outside of buildings - forbidden in any circumstances.
Hide objects used for escape in textures or anywhere else - it is forbidden. Complaints relating to exceed of the required number of objects to escape, are reviewed by the administration.

2.8. Systematic log out of the game in the enemy territory.

2.9. Murder at the spawn after death ( spawn on the beach, on the homes of the owner, on condition that the owner : has no loot / does not conduct aggressive actions / provocation / uses skills / remains in the spawn cell / not trying to loot something).

2.10. Positioning movable objects on the walls in order to increase their height. ( You can close the loophole in the wall by pavese, on the condition that the movable object does not exceed the height of a man )

2.11. Use trees as fence. ( Fence - groups of trees planted on the adjacent cells with the aim of limiting access. For decoration, you can plant trees along the fence across 2 cells )

2.12. Any attack, intelligence and etc on enemy settlement without full armor set is prohibited. Exception - the defense of its territory. In defense, it is possible to go beyond the settlement area.
"Settlement area" - the area within a radius of 60 cells from the "settlement territory" (see 2.7)
Pursue of attackers to their territory, if you have no armor - is prohibited.
The rule does not apply to the activity in the neutral zone.

2.13. Any attack, intelligence and etc on enemy settlement , characters who have less skill points in 400 to combat the page or craft skills.

2.14. Moveout movable objects  through the open windows of buildings. You can loot them but cant move this objects.

2.15. Block / fence clay spawns.

2.16. Violation of obligations to the leader of the guild, with the written agreement in the chat.

2.17. Construction of buildings by other players are not related to the settlement, modifing of the landscape ( insurmountable pit\mound ) in the settlement area (see 2.12 ), the destruction of infrastructure (road, alleys marked trees, etc.)
Exception - coordination with the owners of the settlement (we recommend a screen - verified chat, to avoid confusion ).

3.0. Other situations are not described in the paragraphs above, by the decision of the administration. Since it is impossible to foresee all situations.

Chat ban for 3 day for : 
- Violation of the rules of paragraphs 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.0.
Partial rollback skills for:
- Violation of the rules of paragraph 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 2.11, 3.0.
The player can be banned at the server for:
- Violation of the rules of paragraphs 1.2, 2.3, 3.0 ( forever)
- Violation of the rules of paragraphs 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 2.12 - 2.15, 3.0 a ban for 1 day
- Violation of the rules of paragraph 2.16, 2.17 : ban at the discretion of the guild leader and Administration

Repeated violation of the rules ban for 2 days.
Unban after application to the forum in the "Request to GM" forum thread.

[Image: WV3ru9oQGgo.jpg]
Features, that we had implemented at our server:
  • lack of full map wipe, skills wipe, etc.
  • tonnels rollback system;
  • mini-wipe system based on the statistics of an active player (moving on territory in one week).
    Territory will be reserverd if player(s) moved on this territory in 30 minutes or more.
    Mini-wipe runs every wednesday at scheduled server restart.
    If you planed to stop playing for some time for some reason you need to write request here Request to GM;
  • commit changes of territory;
  • notification system in the game;
  • custom terraforming (check donate page);
  • grass growth on fertile soil;
  • the creation swamps;
  • automatic deletion of binding to the house inactive players (not played during the week);
  • automatic cleaning accounts with characters that have been inactive for more than 3 weeks;
  • unique events (maze, the conquest of "Everest", etc.);
  • claim/set home ability for keeps (castle);
  • You can invite somebody to party by /invite player_first_name command;
    and much more.


Added ability to create the bog surface in the strategic objectives for the defense of the fort.
Movement speed of the player in the swamp is reduced by 50%.

The exact recipe creation will not be disclosed, but it will POSSIBLE depend on the time elapsed since the last change of cell, weather and composition of soil layers in the cell.

Good luck in the experiments with the landscape.

Keep (masonry), large keep (architecture): 

Added ability to claim these buildings. Capacity of this buildings 20 and 30 players respectively.

World week cleaning now include removing of trees for increase FPS rate and decrease game crash chance.

Gather sprouts!
Update rule #2.12
2.7 aditional info updated
2.9 updated

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