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Life is Feudal Patch Notes
Patch notes (ver.
New features:
  • Partially implemented Character customization system, including female models and reworked male models. Unfortunately, there is no customization available for existing characters. You can create new characters with customization and ask your server admin to copy “appearance” column data from the new character onto the existing one in the server’s Database.
  • Added bow and crossbow special powers. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Implemented Primary combat skill - War cries. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Added multiple mounted and unmounted abilities and functionality. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Implemented Secondary combat skill - Equipment maintain. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Implemented Secondary combat skill - Battle Survival. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities
  • Fully implemented Secondary crafting skill - Piety. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities. All Pope/Cardinal related mechanics will be developed later after release of LiF:YO.
  • After 3 consecutive knockouts you will receive an option to refuse fighting for your life and die. Implemented that feature as a counter to a knockout “rez-killing”
  • “Floating log” problem is solved. Server admin can tweak new server setting in world configuration file: movableMaxDropHeightMeters It allows you to restrict the ability of players to hang logs, furniture and other movable objects in the air
  • Different types of animals can now be found in different biomes (wolves in woods, horses on grasslands etc.)
  • Destroyed unmovable objects leave ruins now. Players need to clean/remove them if they want to use that land again. Ruins decay slower that normal buildings.
  • You can now save, load and create new GUI presets via “Controls” option of a menu
  • Horse weight now affect its trample power, speed and other attributes
  • You can no longer use throwable weaponry while mounted
  • Naphtha Pots now require 90 Throwing skill in order to use them
  • Closing gatehouse gates can now kill mounted, dismounted players and their horses if they are not careful Wink

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a serious bug that prevented creation/loading of local worlds
  • Fixed client crash upon exit that left client process to hang indefinitely. Some other crashes are possible, but should appear less often
  • Fixed multiple client side crashes
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed multiple players to harvest crops from the same field simultaneously and receive double or triple yields
  • Animals should no longer appear under water
  • You can no longer train warhorses out of any domesticated animals (including hares and chicks Smile )
  • Ctrl+Click on equipped item no longer causes a crash
  • Hotbar with equipment bound to them no longer resets that equipment
  • Fixed bug where effects were not properly stripped after being dead
  • Added some missing sounds
  • You can no longer place items into Evil tombstones
  • Fixed a bug that used the wrong tool while crafting something in a Blacksmith’s shop
  • Fixed incorrect display of ore amounts while melting something in Bloomeries and other similar situations
  • Getting hit while blocking with certain weapons will no longer cause you take extremely high damage
  • You no longer will be endlessly stunned in some situations
  • You can no longer level up your skills on unconscious players. Training dummies and archery range implementation is coming soon.
  • Left thigh/shin reporting wrong hit locations is fixed
  • Fixed multiple horse related crashes and bugs
  • You can no longer loot yourself while knocked out or dead
  • Fixed bug where different armor types on feet and legs gave the wrong skill type raise when hit
  • Fixed bug where parrying weapons with zero skill caused big damage
  • “Do not show this message” checkbox should save its properties properly now
  • Server now properly cleans up previous versions of passability maps for AI


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