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The Herb Bazaar
[Image: tumblr_naoaaru2w51qbmgeto4_1280.jpg]

I want to trade herbs with you.
Couldn't find bigger picture?
I will trade an equal amount of the herbs you need for any of the following:

Errantia Ludaeo
Fassari Tolge
Fohatta Torn
Phlavar Pharest
Pungentibus Chorea
Rosa Kingsa
Vertato Zonda
(03-08-2015, 07:43 PM)Maximus Wrote:  Couldn't find bigger picture?

Макс, осторожно, тебя там соловцы ищут.
I still want to trade plants xD

Update: My OS died a few days ago with a fatal BSoD so I'm trying to get this game working in Linux. It has not been working out very well for me....

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