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How to Assess the MapleStory Reboot Link Event
Kinesis: This is the other Link Skill that has just two levels before the Aran and Evan Revamp premiered in GMS. What's 12 percent Min Crit Damage at Level 3 too OP? What, is 10 percent Min Crit in Level 2 just a little too OP?

But on a side note, how about upgrading Cannoneer's Link Skill to ensure the All Stats increase will be a percentage instead of a flat price? E.g. Level 1 = 3% All Stats and 5 percent Max HP/MP, Level 2 = 4% All Stats and 10 percent Max HP/MP, and Level 3 = 5% All Stats and 15% Max HP/MP.

Presently, it's likely to accept the quest on an present warrior in Reboot. If the warrior is over level 100, it is possible to turn the quest in instantly.

The Patch Notes state, "Accessible for all levels," so it seems to be intended it work for existing characters.

On the other hand, the "Reboot New Character Event", for which the Patch Notes specifically say "New Reboot character created during the event period", is also currently available on most of Reboot characters and can be finished immediately if they are high enough degree. This doesn't seem to be intended.

This notifier only appears once a brand new character is created on Reboot, but at the point it seems for many Reboot characters on the accounts. That seems a bit odd. If these events are intended to work for existing characters, why is Maplestory 2 Mesos required to create a new character simply to allow the occasions on the old ones?

What exactly is doing the "Publish Ring" on present characters actually intended? Or will the people doing so end up silently disqualified to find the ring and/or decoration (or, worse, penalized for "abusing" an unintended feature)?

Also, the quest dialog pictured above seems odd. Does that mean that she didn't accept that personality as the leveling-up one?

Do we have a week to degree each class, or do we have the entire event period? The Patch Notes only say when each course opens, and the in-game conversation expressly says to degree the warrior by October 19. But in that scenario, it seems a bit strange we get 5 weeks to degree a warrior, but just 1 week to level a pirate.

(Unless the usage of preexisting characters is permitted, in which case we can level the pirate already, just have to remember to accept the pursuit on it during the last week of this event).

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