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Invisible Tree bug
So twice now I've noticed (yesterday and today) that suddenly all trees in one area are gone. After planting a few trees in the area, suddenly all the missing trees appear.

This is what it looks like when I first view the area:

[Image: uERaMNt.png]

I think planted around 3 trees (trying to find space because the trees are there. I can't see them or interact with them, but I can run into them and if I try to plant a tree, it says other trees are too close) and suddenly they all popped up.

[Image: R4J3LuF.png]

what's going on?

So after a bit I got disconnected, and reconnected to the server. Upon connection, the trees are once again gone, but they are still there, can run into them but not interact. Is this a server or client issue?
I've noticed this bug too bro.

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