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Group looking for Rp - Rayancaleb - 02-02-2018


So I just wanted to start by saying I have rp on various games but slowly lost interest over time. Lately I spend little time on Minecraft rp (Mc I know kids game but it offers lots of freedom unlike most games). I belong to a Mc server called Lord of the Craft where me and multiple friends are looking to take our rp to wow. I understand each game and community has its own rules and guidelines that the community wishes players to abide by to allow proper and flowing rp that refrains from driving away other players or making it difficult to follow.

I seek a server that obviously has a large community of people who are consistent or constant when it comes to rp. Id like to avoid servers where a large number of players don't even rp at all. This is where it might get a little more difficult in terms of what we seek but more than willing to compromise. We are looking for a realm that is not just active in RP but PvP and PvE as well. If any of you have knowledge and could help me I would appreciate it.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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